This is Dr. Juan P. Cerezo

And finally, I´ve managed to get a HUGO site running, there is a true merit.

Here will put some history about me, when I have some time to do so. Firs, a very identificative picture of me:

This is me


I’m a great fan of music, physics, religion and also had to work as a Network Engineer.

Most of the relevant information is in my Linkedin Profile, but I can summarize:

I´m used, since I started university, to fix unconventional problems in everyday environments. I had to built up from scratch a complete data processing infrastructure to do the data analysis for my PhD thesis, in a domestic environment, where nothing of that was previously built. It was a huge work, but allowed me to get in touch with new technologies from the big labs (CERN, DESY), specially a weird one called hypertext and world wide web… I know that work on unknown environments is hard, but this gave me useful and first hand experience on things that would do history later. And I´ve doing it my whole life, so that´s fine


  • PhD in Theoretical Physics, Apto Cum Laude (1988)
  • Cisco CCNA (2002)
  • Hurricane Electric IPv6 Sage (2010)
  • Juniper JNCIP-ENT (2014)
  • Juniper JNCIS-SP (2016)

Not really a fan of certifications, but somewhat the only way some people could recognize your value, wherever it is…

Also had some time to take photos, and they are here: